About Us

Olivia Energy Solutions started operations in 2009 and is proudly part of the OVK group.

The company provides solar power solutions to the agricultural, domestic and commercial markets in Southern Africa.

We are a proud distributor of Atess, Canadian Solar, Frecon, Fronius, Geyserwise, Grundfos, K2, Peimar, Schletter, Solar Edge, Solar MD, Victron, Wilo and other quality products.


OLIVIA is an approved PV GreenCard installer. The PV GreenCard is an initiative by the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) to promote safe and high-quality PV installations. The PV Green Card complies with relevant standards and safety guidelines which are in line with international best practices. This ensures investor confidence, commitment from role-players in the industry and empowerment of the solar PV system owner.

The Team

The team at OLIVIA is led by two executive directors.



Philip Olivier

B.Com (UFS), MBA (Wits), PhD (UFS)

Philip obtained his PhD in 2015 at the University of the Free State. The financial decision-making model which he developed in his thesis, A financial model to evaluate solar power in Free State dairy farms, is a significant contribution to energy management in the dairy industry. He has written several articles on the financial viability of solar power.

Eduan de Necker

Pr.Eng, B.Eng (NWU), M.EM (UFS)

Eduan is an electrical engineer with many years’ experience in solar system design and project management. He heads all grid-tied and off-grid solar projects at Olivia.

Our Value Proposition

Why should you buy your solar power system from us?

Our experience and technical knowledge 

Our qualifications and experience speak for themselves. We will ensure that you receive a system that is well designed according to your needs and built with quality components.

Our approach to backup and support

We have a unique approach where all components are fitted, integrated and tested on a wiring board in our workshop before it goes to site. This makes on-site plug-and-play installation of your system possible for any local electrical contractor. In the long term, we will do online monitoring and work with the installer to solve any problems which may arise, replace faulty components or expand your system. Over the years we have found that this approach provides the client with the most efficient backup and support service, especially in remote areas.

Our forward-thinking designs

Your energy needs may change over time. For example, you may require a good value for money system now, which will generate a substantial energy saving. But as grid electricity becomes more expensive and unreliable you may want to go completely off-grid in future. We will ensure that your system can seamlessly expand over time to meet your future needs.

Our reputation in the market

Each one of our clients is a reference. We invite you to do business with us and become another satisfied Olivia customer!

Terms and Conditions

Olivia Energy Solutions (“Olivia”) is a distributor of a variety of products. The Suppliers (producers and/or importers) of these products each have their own terms and conditions which are available upon request. If a product appears to be faulty, it is the client’s responsibility to return the product at their own cost to the business address of Olivia, who will return it to the Supplier to be dealt with as per the specified terms and conditions. Installation of all products is at the client’s own risk and must be done by a qualified person. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain approval from the utility and relevant authorities where applicable. Solar systems are designed as per information provided by the client, and its performance is subject to weather conditions and seasonal variations. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they understand the features and limitations of the system. Unless stated otherwise, Olivia will provide one year free online monitoring of any solar power system bought from Olivia, provided that the system is registered on the relevant portal and connected to the internet.  All equipment remains the property of Olivia until paid in full.