PV Electrical Systems

Olivia specialises in the design and supply of off-grid and grid-tied solar systems for household and commercial applications.

Off-grid solar systems

The company’s preferred product for off-grid applications is Victron Energy. The system intelligently combines solar power, available battery power and Eskom or generator power.


Victron quality. Victron Energy was founded in 1975 and is a global market leader in off-grid, backup and island systems.

The system is NRS097 (Grid Interconnection of Embedded Generation) compliant.

All legal requirements are met to feed electricity back into the grid, where this is allowed by the local municipality or Eskom.

Components are integrated and tested on our pre-manufactured wiring board. This enables plug-and-play installation on site. Our systems are distributed to clients all over Southern Africa and installed by local electrical contractors.

The system is expandable over time.

Remote monitoring.

Please view our Solar Systems for more information and pricing.

Grid-tied solar systems

OLIVIA uses only Tier 1 Grade A PV panels in all installations. A variety of high-quality PV inverters have been used in installations over recent years, including ABB, Kaco, Schneider, SMA and Solar Edge. The company’s preferred product is Solar Edge. The Solar Edge system has the following benefits compared with traditional string inverters:

  • Module-level performance monitoring
  • Cost-saving maintenance
  • Per-module MPPT (thus maximum power from each module individually)
  • Standard 12-year warranty on inverter and 25-year warranty on power optimisers
  • Low-cost inverter replacement out of warranty
  • Flexibility in design
  • Enhanced safety features (the only inverter certified to IEC 60947 as a disconnection means and to VDE 2100-712)
  • Better suited for future insurance requirements

Please contact us and we will make a thorough assessment of your application and provide you with expert advice.

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Warranty Policy

Olivia Energy Solutions (“Olivia”) is a distributor of a variety of products. The Suppliers (producers and / or importers) of these products each have their own terms and conditions, which will be made available on request to you as the Olivia client. If you are of the opinion that a product is faulty, it is your own responsibility to return the product at your own cost to the business address of Olivia, and we will return it to the Supplier, who will deal with it according to the terms and conditions of that product. Installation of all products are at your own risk and must at all times be done by a qualified person.