Solar Water Heating

Heat your geyser by means of normal PV panels

We recommend using a photovoltaic (PV) water heating system to heat your geyser’s water. The installation entails replacing your geyser’s element with a dual AC/DC element. When the sun shines, solar energy from the PV panels is used. When the sun does not shine, or additional heating is needed, Eskom power is used. This method has the following advantages compared with solar geysers or heat pumps:

  • PV panels have a longer lifespan than conventional solar geysers.
  • PV panels are relatively cheap, reliable, hail resistant and normally comes with a 25 year performance warranty.
  • The AC/DC element has a two year warranty, compared with the six month warranty of a normal element.
  • The AC/DC element is resistant to lime, making it ideal for borehole water with high lime content.
  • The PV water heating system is much simpler to install than a conventional solar geyser. It does not require circulation pumps, air release valves, vacuum breakers or other plumbing components. It merely entails an electrical installation of PV panels, solar controller and AC/DC element. We pre-assemble most of the components, resulting in easy on-site plug-and-play installation.
  • Whenever the sun shines, your geyser is heated without using any electricity, while a heat pump still uses electricity.
  • The efficiency of a heat pump decreases with a decrease in ambient temperature, while the output of PV panels increases with a decrease in temperature. This makes PV water heating more efficient during winter months.
  • The solar controller switches off energy flow to the geyser when the geyser has reached its set temperature. This prevents any over-heating associated with solar geysers, e.g., when you are on holiday.
  • Our secondary geyser option allows for directing solar energy to a secondary geyser when the primary geyser has reached its set temperature.

Click here to view a wiring diagram for the PV water heating system.

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